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Making Smart Rainwater House

IWRA World Water Congress 2017 - Cancun Mexico
3. Water security in a changing world

Keyword(s): smart rainwater house, rainwater harvesting, urban flood control, ecological house

Toshiyuki Moriyama,Katsuhiro Morishita,Shinobu Izumi, Koji Nishiyama
A smart rainwater house (SRH) is build for individual residence. Resident of this SRH is Toshiyuki Moriyama which is one of author for the experiment of smart rainwater tanks. Also SRH is a real ecological house. Recently, there are many kind of Zero Energy House (ZEH). The ZEH is cancel the energy usage with power made by solar panel. But it is not real ecology house,because its is considered the energy only. We should be consider about water especially rainwater is an important part of ecology. Also, ZEH is not consider about Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). This SRH has planned to use Japanese traditional  structure. The Pillars and Beams are used local cedar and connected by plug made by wood and did not use metal hardware connection. This connection is planed to hold out about more 60 seconds before the collapse by strong earthquake more than expected magnitude. To control the moisture, instead of modern combination of waterproof breathable sheet and thermal insulation material, traditional combination of mud wall and stucco is used. These materials are recyclable and longer life than modern materials.  
Urbanization including development of residential area made a flash flood more frequently, and peak of discharge from urbanized watershed be faster and increase the amount of peak discharge.
And after the big earthquake, leakage of water pipe became a serious problem.
To avoid these situation, we have been developed smart rainwater tanks. These tanks can monitored via sensor network to visualize the amount of rainwater storage. Resident is possible to share the information of water storage in the specific area. SRH has this specs and storage information is possible to share via Internet Cloud and possible to control the pump to waste rainwater before the heavy rainfall by prediction of weather using SOM with Pattern recognition of Meteorological field.
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