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The Mediation for Water in Latin America, an analysis from the Environmental Justice

IWRA World Water Congress 2017 - Cancun Mexico
4. Water policy and governance
Author(s): Julián Andrés Álvarez Restrepo
Julián Andrés Álvarez Restrepo
Political Scientist

Keyword(s): Social Movements for Water, Collective Rights, Ecological Justice, Affirmative Action, Environment and Development.


The dichotomy Water in Latin America has to do with its consideration as a private good or a public, common, social, environmental and collective good. Although there are multiple environmental factors that affect this resource, it has been regulations by States, that development Public Policy Water with differential approaches being recognized as a human right in the legislation of some countries the region. Despite this, there are multiple problems that denote I) difficulty of access to this resource by urban and rural populations, II) to their detriment against extractives and III projects) the need for a substantial recognition and not only formally Human Right to Water for individual and collective rights, therefore, this text brings to debate the different legal, constitutional, jurisprudential and international treaties to identify their main achievements, accomplishments, obstacles and challenges to achieve sustainable livelihoods and access to this vital resource, from a notion of environmental justice.

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