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Use of Hydrometeorological Science by Decision - Makers in Water-Depended Sectors of Economy Should be Enhanced: Case Study of Ukraine

IWRA World Water Congress 2017 - Cancun Mexico
A. Bridging science and policy
Author(s): Viacheslav Manukalo
Viacheslav Manukalo
Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute

Keyword(s): water problems, hydrological scoences, water policy


Problem identification. The water-related problems (water scarcity on the one hand and extreme river floods on the other hand) belong to the most urgent economic and social challenges of Ukraine. But, the current status of water management does not meet the modern demands. It is obvious that earth sciences play a vital role in devising the solutions that are necessary to overcome the water-related problems. The aim of this article is to present the problematic issues in using hydrometeorological sciences (meteorology, climatology and hydrology) in water-depended sectors of economy.  

Methodology and materials. The results of study "The role of the hydrometeorological science and education in the sustainable development of Ukrainian society" are used in this article. The study was carried out by the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute and the Institute of Demography and Social Studies in cooperation with the Kyiv National University and the Odesa State Environment University.

Results and discussion. The following issues are considered in the article: the present state, problematic issues and possible ways of their solution to develop the scientific support of water-depended sector needs in the following areas: a) assessing and forecasting quantitative and qualitative indicators of surface waters, taking into account the impact of expected climate change; b) predicting and warning extreme river floods and droughts. The following Ukrainian "stake-holders" in water-depended sector were considered: the water management, the thermal-, nuclear- and hydropower, the agriculture and the river transport. These stake-holders are the major consumers and users of surface waters as well as the products and services of the Hydrometeorological Service of Ukraine.   

The efficiency of using results of studies and recommendations of hydrometeorological sciences in the elaboration of projects and action plans for the development of water-depended sectors for last 30 years was analyzed. In total, 21 projects and action plans of the state level and 47 ones of the regional level were recognized.

The following results have been revealed:  

  • in 7 projects and plans of the state level and in 17 ones of the regional level, there were no references on the results of study and recommendations of hydrometeorological sciences; 
  • in other projects and plans, recommendations of hydrometeorological sciences were taken in consideration only partly;
  • there were no projects or plans with recommendations of hydrometeorological sciences concerning: a) assessment of impact of expected regional climate change on surface waters of Ukraine; b) the proposed adaptation measures to  mitigate the impact of climate change on water resources and on water-depended sectors of economy.
In opinion of authors, the next reasons should be defined: a) the lack of understanding of importance of  science among the top managers of water-depended sectors of economy; b) in some cases, scientific and educational organizations, working in the field of hydrometeorology,  can't  "build the effective bridges”  with the consumers of results of their activities.      

The joint measures undertaken by the scientific and educational organizations as well as the water-depended sectors of economy to improve the scientific support of the water management are considered in the paper.


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