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IWRA World Water Congress 2017 - Cancun Mexico
1. Water, sanitation and health
Author(s): Luiz Carlos Pereira
Luiz Carlos Pereira

Keyword(s): electronics disposal, contaminated water, risk population.
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Water is a vital resource for humanity and for the manufacture of electronic equipment. Being a cross-sectional component of all social, economic and environmental activities, electronic equipment, is today an icon for the development of a whole society. Both are a necessary condition, a limiting factor or facilitator for any development. But, when the water and electronic waste are combined and become a threat to human environment, it becomes a base for a conflict. Due to numerous discrepancies in the results of experimental studies on the contamination of water with electronic waste in relation to its disposal in landfills, we set out to investigate the relation of water contamination in ground water from chemicals such as mercury, lead, chromium and cadmium, found in electronic equipment. From an international look and Brazil, in this study, we analyzed the presence of these substances in drinking water and its proximity where it was discarded. Remember that the raw material in the manufacture of electronic equipment such as computer and your video monitor, generate about 22 kg of chemicals. During the study, it was observed that in place of drinking water showed signs of contamination and that can associated with the proximity of such electronic equipment. It was also demonstrated the analysis of water contamination in its composition, checking the risk of the population in the surveyed areas of Brazil and its comparison to other international locations as available to the process of electronic equipment, checking it the use of contaminated water for the population adjacent to dispose of this equipment. However, it is necessary to continue the studies with new proportions for the content of elements to become an official document on public policies to combat e-waste in landfills.

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