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Decision Support System For Prediction Of Earthworks Failures

World Water Congress 2015 Edinburgh Scotland
3. Management of water resources
Author(s): Georgia Elafoudi
Christos Tachtatzis
Lina Stankovic
Ivan Andonovic
Georgia Elafoudi, Christos Tachtatzis, Lina Stankovic, Ivan Andonovic
University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom


  • Earthworks failures can lead to disastrous consequences, e.g. flooding,
  • Remediate of earthwork constructions is highly expensive,
  • Asset monitoring of earthworks can provide early intervention and prevention of failures
  • Reduce intrusiveness and low cost of monitoring platforms


We propose a unique, customized and cost-effective platform for automated monitoring of earthworks through:
i. integration of analogue and digital sensors for measuring pressure and motion,
ii. resistivity sensor that requires low voltage compared to the off-the-shelf resistivity solutions,
iii. variable and on-demand sampling rates that can be dynamically controlled,
iv. a prototype mechanical waterproof design for housing main hardware, resistivity sensor-board and relevant sensors.
We show initial results for ground movement, pressure and resistivity.
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