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Connecting The Dots: A Unifying Theory For Water Engineering

World Water Congress 2015 Edinburgh Scotland
2. Revisiting water paradigms
Author(s): Professor Vijay P. Singh

Professor Vijay P. Singh
University Distinguished Professor

Texas A&M University



Water Engineering
  • Water Systems: Drainage, flood control, storage (dams), water supply, hydropower, diversion, river training, etc.
  • Planning, design, operation and management of water systems; policy making; environmental assessment; impacts on society
  • Integration of
    • Hydrologic engineering
    • Hydraulic engineering
    • Environmental engineering
    • Ecosystems engineering
    • Water resources engineering
  • Key Questions
    • What is the volume of runoff for a given rainfall?
    • What is the value of peak runoff (discharge) for a given rainfall?
    • What is the runoff hydrograph for a given rainfall?
    • What is the frequency or return period of a given runoff peak or flood?
    • How can streamflow be simulated for a given time?
    • How can streamflow be forecasted ahead of time?
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