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Provision Of Sustainable Safe Drinking Water

World Water Congress 2015 Edinburgh Scotland
4. Key vulnerabilities and security risks
Author(s): Richard Allan

Richard Allan Research Fellow: Sustainable Water

The James Hutton Institute


The Sustainable Drinking Water Agenda
  • The Global Challenge
  • A short history of water treatment
  • Water treatment considerations
  • Water safety planning
  • The Centre of Expertise for Water (CREW) approach
The research agenda
  • Is a close loop sustainable water system possible?
  • What innovations will add value and enhance public health protection?
  • What are the impacts of changes in the catchment on existing treatment systems?
  • Modular systems design to allow tailored solutions for local conditions.
  • Low cost and low maintenance solutions are needed at a local level.
  • Understanding social justice and community need is central.
  • Sustainable water is a global challenge.
  • Water treatment is essential for protecting pubic health.
  • Science and engineering should continue to seek innovative ways of achieving sustainable water and wastewater systems.
  • The water treatment process has multiple nodes of failure, the operators should know the systems well and manage the risks.
  • Microbiology continues to be the most significant risk to public health and needs pro-active management.
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