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Cryptosporidium In The Cairngorms – A Whole Catchment Approach

World Water Congress 2015 Edinburgh Scotland
3. Management of water resources
B eth Wells
Moredun Research Institute


Moredun Research Institute
To prevent and control infectious diseases of livestock
AQUAVALENS - Powerful water - purity and safety tested
Transmission of Cryptosporidium oocysts in catchments
The problem...
Water is considered an important mechanism in the transmission of Cryptosporidium. This is particularly important where livestock have access to water courses. The Cryptosporidium (Scottish Water) Directive 2003: risk assessments for all public water supplies for Cryptosporidium was carried out and testing regimes implemented to monitor each supply according to the risk level

Is Cryptosporidium contamination in water a problem in the UK?

A collaborative project to assess Cryptosporidium prevalence in a catchment in the Cairngorms National Park and determine the source of the parasite burden
Collaborators: Moredun Research Institute, Scottish Water, The Crown Estate and Cairngorm National Park
Pilot project where the results are being used to implement practical solutions in terms of livestock and wildlife management to reduce parasite contamination of the environment


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