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Ηow Does The Unece Water Convention Support Transboundary Water Cooperation On The Ground

World Water Congress 2015 Edinburgh Scotland
5. Transboundary river basins and shared aquifers
Author(s): Dr. Alexandros Kolliopoulos
Dr. Alexandros Kolliopoulos
Vice-Chair of the Legal Board of the Water Convention
Member of the Legal Department
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece




  • What has been done in this work area? Some achievements
  • Central Asia Chu-Talas – Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan
  • Drin MoU
  • Short term priority actions
  • Medium term priority actions
  • Long term priority action
  • Draft Action Plan for the implementation of the MoU
Main challenges and lessons learnt
  • The UNECE Water Convention as an important framework for cooperation
  • Synergies between different actors should be identified and exploited
  • Funding important but limited amounts sufficient in the initial stages of cooperation
  • The way ahead : support the development of basin-wide cooperation outside the UNECE region
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