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Ss33 In The European Union, For The First Time In The World, 28 Eu Countries + 2 Adopted The Same Basin Oriented Approach!

Author(s): Special Session 33: China's Water Resource Management
World Water Congress 2015 Edinburgh Scotland
Special session 33: China's Water Resource Management
Author(s): Mr. Jean - Fran├žois DONZIER
Mr. Jean - François DONZIER
General Manager
International Office for Water
Permanent Technical Secretary


  • Water Framework Directive
  • Groundwater Directive
  • Directive on Environmental Quality Standards (EQS)
  • Urban Waste Water Directive
  • Nitrates Directive
  • Floods Directive
+ quantitative and adaptive water management issues:
  • Communication on Water Scarcity and Drought
  • Policy paper accompanying the White Paper on Adapting to Climate change on Water, Coasts and Marine Issues.
Indeed, basins are the natural territories, in which water runs, on the soil or in the sub-soil, whatever are the national or administrative boundaries or limits crossed. An overall approach should be organized on the relevant scale of basin areas of rivers, lakes and aquifers,


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