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Ss37 Water And Green Growth

World Water Congress 2015 Edinburgh Scotland
Special session 37: Smart Water Management For Green Growth
Author(s): Taesun Shin
Taesun Shin
Head Manager, K-water Institute




  • The challenges
  • Water, not just water
  • Addressing the challenges: The Green Paradigm
  • Green Growth?
  • Water and Green Growth
  • Why is WGG a solution?
  • The key messages
  • The WGG Research
  • The results
  • Implementing policies in specific context
  • Tailoring solutions
  • At the 7th World Water Forum
  • Key Highlights
  • Enabling Conditions (1) policy instruments and Mix
  • Enabling Conditions (2) Technology
  • K-water’s Choice: SWMI
  • Conclusion


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