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Ss27 Filling The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: Implications For Riparian Countries

World Water Congress 2015 Edinburgh Scotland
Special session 27: An Equitable And Reasonable Use Of Nile Waters And Resources
Author(s): Paul Block

Paul Block University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA


  • What is the Effect of the Reservoir Filling Rate?
  • Blue Nile River Characteristics
  • Relevant GERD Characteristics
  • Hydrology Model
  • Water Balance Model
  • Reservoir Model
  • Time to Fill the Reservoir
  • GERD Hydropower Generation
  • GERD Releases
  • Downstream Flows
  • Trade-offs: GERD Release & HP
  • Climate Change – E. Africa
  • Hydropower Generation with CC
  • SF Reduction at Nasser with CC
  • Tool
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