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Reading Water Governance: Importance Of Institutions

World Water Congress 2015 Edinburgh Scotland
1. Global challenges for water governance
Author(s): Dr Christina Cook
Dr Christina Cook
Centre for Socio-Legal Studies
University of Oxford
25 May 2015


What am I talking about?
Water governance
  • the process through which decisions regarding allocation of, use of, and access to water are taken
  • distinct from management - the daily activity of implementing governance decisions
  • broadly construed to include rights, rules, or decision-making procedures that give rise to social practices (Young et al., 2008, p. 13).
  • distinct from organisations
Scene Setting Questions
  1. To what extent do institutions matter for water governance in evolving contexts of water allocation and use?
  2. Are the existing institutions appropriately addressing and solving important water challenges?
  3. What kinds of features are necessary for institutions to cope with changing contexts of water allocation and use?
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