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Ss9 Water Footprint Assessment As A Tool For Water Planning

Author(s): SS9: Water Footprint Assessment: A new frontier in water resource management, Water Footprint Network
World Water Congress 2015 Edinburgh Scotland
Special session 9: Water Framework Directive
Author(s): Maite M. Aldaya Daniel Chico
Lucia De Stefano
Alberto Garrido
M. Ramón Llamas
Elena Lopez-Gunn
Pedro Martínez Santos
Barbara Willaarts
Maite M. Aldaya
Daniel Chico, Lucia De Stefano, Alberto Garrido, M. Ramón Llamas,
Elena Lopez-Gunn, Pedro Martínez Santos, Barbara Willaarts
Water Observatory – Botín Foundation
Complutense University of Madrid




  • Water footprint into policy
  • Water footprint of Spain
  • Water footprint in the Spanish basin plans
  • General framework
  • Water economic productivity
  • The role of virtual water trade
  • Guadalquivir river basin
  • The textile sector


The Spanish experience shows:
  1. The world􄇻s water problems are mainly due to bad governance, not to physical water scarcity.
  2. The use of the IWRM, with its pros and cons, may be useful to foster good decision making.
  3. Valuable tools for a more effective IWRM include water accounting, virtual water (food) trade, water footprint, evaluation of the natural and social capital, ethical issues and transparency.
  4. Water reallocation is needed for releasing current pressure on the environment and for new uses.
  5. Need to find formulas that make reallocation acceptable for all the parties.
  6. Transparency and accountability in decisions and public spending 
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