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Ss9 Water Footprint Assessment: Towards Sustainable Use Of Freshwater In South Africa

World Water Congress 2015 Edinburgh Scotland
Special session 9: Water Framework Directive
Author(s): H Jordaan

H Jordaan

T: +27(0)51 401 9111


  • South Africa is ranked 30th driest country in the world (DAFF, 2013).
  • Rapid growth and increased variability in rainfall caused (DAFF, 2013):
    • Tighter supply;
    • Demand often exceeds supply in different basins in SA.
  • Agricultural sector is a major user of scarce freshwater resource in South Africa.
    • Irr agric uses about 40% of exploitable runoff (Backeberg and Reinders, 2009).
    • Direct contribution to Gross Domestic Product of SA is small (<3%) (DAFF, 2014).
    • Currently the agricultural sector may be an inefficient user of freshwater (Nieuwoudt, Backeberg & du Plessis 2004:162)
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