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Ss22 Adaptation In The Context Of Transboundary Waters: The Case Of Bangladesh

Author(s): Special Session at IWRA World Water Congress XV – Edinburgh, 25-29 May 2015
World Water Congress 2015 Edinburgh Scotland
Special session 22: Community Energy: Lessons For Adaptive Water Governance
Andrew Allan
Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science
University of Dundee
World Water Congress, Special Session 22
25 May, 2015.
NERC Project no. NE/J002755/1





  • ESPA Deltas: Project Aims
  • Upstream uncertainties potentially affecting flow in the GBM delta
  • Existing Transboundary Framework
  • Challenges for adaptation in Bangladesh – upstream factors
  • Challenges for adaptation in Bangladesh – domestic factors
  • Policy / Law Timeline in Bangladesh
  • Observations - reality
  • References and Acknowledgements
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