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Ss22 Agreements & Adaptation - Special Session On Governance Of Shared Waters: Adaptation To Climate Change

World Water Congress 2015 Edinburgh Scotland
Special session 22: Community Energy: Lessons For Adaptive Water Governance
Author(s): Gabriel Eckstein
Professor of Law

Gabriel Eckstein, Professor of Law


Adaptive Mechanisms
  1. Geographic Scope for Managing Shared Waters: The Basin Approach
  2. Procedural Mechanisms
    • Data sharing
    • Monitoring
    • Technical and financial cooperation
    • Prior notice and consultation
    • Mechanisms for responding to changing circumstances
    • Managing variability
    • Dispute resolution
    • Amendment mechanisms
  3. Substantive Mechanisms
    • Fixed vs. flexible allocations
    • Prioritization of uses
  4. Governance Structure
    • Scope and extent of institutional authority
    • Governance mechanisms with flexibility and agility
    • Stakeholder participation in governance mechanism
    • Financial and resource support for mechanisms
    • Political level of implementation (local, regional, national, etc.)
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