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Ss4 International Catchment Management Science And Application - Local Engagement: Ecohydrology At Lake Naivasha, Kenya

World Water Congress 2015 Edinburgh Scotland
Special session 4: Transboundary aquifer systems
Author(s): David Harper
Emeritus Professor
University of Leicester
David Harper, Emeritus Professor, University of Leicester, UK


Why me, why Naivasha?
  • Naivasha research since 1982
  • UNESCO Ecohydrology programme (1995) since 1997
  • Three principles make Ecohydrology the tool of IWRM
  • Lake Naivasha EH Demonstration Site 2003, Help Basin 2004
  • Naivasha EH ‘Global Reference Operational Site’ 2011
UNESCO Ecohydrology
Zalewski, Janauer, Jolanki (1997)
  • H1: Hydrology regulates biota and vice versa in natural ecosystems
  • H2: The biota can thus be used as a tool to regulate hydrological and hydrochemical processes in restoration
  • H3: These two types of regulations can be integrated with other measures to enhance aquatic processes and thus achieve sustainable ecosystem services for people


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