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Implementation Of The European Water Framework Directive: What Does Taking An Ecosystems Services-based Approach Add?

Author(s): Water World Congress - Special Session convened by Julia Martin- Ortega, Robert C. Ferrier & Iain J. Gordon - Edinburgh, 27th May 2015
World Water Congress 2015 Edinburgh Scotland
Special session 9: Water Framework Directive
Author(s): Kirsty Blackstock
Julia Martin-Ortega and Chris Spray

Kirsty Blackstock, Julia Martin-Ortega and Chris Spray


Water Framework Directive
  • Step-change in European approach to water management 
  • Integration of water policies, economic instruments & public engagement
  • Focus on good ecological status (GES) – more systemic approach
  • Implemented through River Basin Management Plan Cycle (RBMP)
    • State of the system
    • Pressures on the system
    • Actions to be taken
  • Ambition yet to be fulfilled:
    • Many water bodies still at risk
    • Managing a system is difficult
    • Socio-economics adds complexity
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