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Defining Ecosystem Services-based Approaches

Author(s): Water World Congress Special Session - Ten years since the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment: a Global Perspective on Water Ecosystems Services - Edinburgh 27th May 2015
World Water Congress 2015 Edinburgh Scotland
Special session 40: Ten Years After The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
Author(s): Klaus Glenk
Julia Martin- Ortega
Didac Jorda- Capdevila & Kirsty Holstead


Ecosystem services’: uses and roles
  • Education and awareness over the dangers for humans of ecosystem decline
  • Normative use: provide a platform for normative assessments on how natural resources should be managed
    • The normative use of the concept is often related to economic analysis which has raised concerns about commodification of nature
The power of communication
  • Ecosystem services’ inspired collaboration and enhanced communication between scientists of different disciplines to address complex socioecological problems
  • Increasingly, a transdisciplinary perspective uses ‘ecosystem services’ or related concepts as a foundation for collaboration and communication of scientists with practitioners and policy makers
  • Powerful communication ‘tool’ that has experimented great popularization
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