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Water Resources Security Assessment Of China

World Water Congress 2015 Edinburgh Scotland
1. Global challenges for water governance
Author(s): Shaofeng Jia (Beijing
Peoples Republic)

Shaofeng Jia [Beijing, China, Peoples Republic]

Keyword(s): Sub-theme 1: Water supply and demand,


It's a hot topic that if China can guarantee water resources supply for its enlarging population ad economy. This paper introduces the recent situation of water resources demand and supply, and present a comprehensive assessment about the security level of water resources of China by basins. It is constructed a water resources security assessment indicator system which makes up indicators in four aspects: water quantity security, water quality security, sustainability of water resources and the affordability of water supply cost. The main findings includes: the total water quantity is enough to guarantee her water supply, while there exists local water quantity shortage in several northern basins, such as the basins of Haihe, Liaohe, Huanghe and Hexi Corridor; the main threat of water resources security of China is water quality, because more than half river sections and ground water wells are polluted, part of water supply can't meet the quality standards with environmental and health risks; The sustainability and affordability of water system of China can be maintained.

Keywords: Water resources security; assessment; China; indicator system

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