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Ss5 Catchment Management For Drinking Water Protection

World Water Congress 2015 Edinburgh Scotland
Special session 5: Trends of water and food security
Author(s): Marc Stutter

Marc Stutter


SS5 Main questions?
  • What are the current key challenges of catchment management for drinking water protection?
  • What are the most successful approaches for improving drinking source water quality?
  • Will the challenges change in the future; can we predict changing needs and are we ready?
  • How can we advance and promote catchment approaches for drinking water protection?

Panel introductions

  • Marc Stutter (convener) - Head of research theme for Managing Catchments at James Hutton Institute
  • Richard Allan (co-chair) - Fellow in Resource Efficient Water Systems at James Hutton Institute
  • Jon Rathjen - Water Industry Team lead at Scottish Government
  • Zoe Frogbrook - Technical lead of the Sustainable Land Management program at Scottish Water
  • Paul Quinn - Catchment Hydrologist at Newcastle University
  • Leo Lentsch - Conservation Biologist specialising in catchment planning with water sectors in ICF International

Experiences from the panel

  • Overview and water industry expectations
  • Objectives from a water company perspective
  • From research into practice
  • Catchment planning international perspectives
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