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Assessment of water availability in some river basins of Western Nepal

Author(s): Priotizing uses on Water Resources.
IWRA World Water Congress 2008 Montpellier France
1. Water availability, use and management
Author(s): Jagat K. Bhusal
Om Ratna Bajracharya
Lekh Nath Bagale
Senior Divisional Hydrologist, Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, Nepal

Keyword(s): Western Nepal, Monsoon, Basins., Ground water. Rainfall, Runoff

AbstractNepal gets about 80 % of annual rainfall during monsoon which lasts about 100 days only. Most rivers drain more than 75 % of the runoff during same period. In spite of limited arable land and poor irrigation facility, the backbone of Nepalese economy is still dependant on agriculture. Knowledge of the seasonal variability of rainfall and runoff plays a vital role in maximizing the yield. Integrated approach on utilizing the available water for irrigation development, hydropower generation, water supply and other uses is also another challenge in water resource management. This paper is based on study made by Nepal Irrigation Sector Project (NISP) on 77 basins of Western Nepal. Regional analyses were carried out. Long-term data of the 35 basins were used to estimate the key hydrological parameters in the remaining 42 basins. Estimation on the natural flow, recurring floods and low flows, runoff-rainfall relationships, water balance, consumptive and non-consumptive water-use were made. Attempt is also made to understand of inter-basin groundwater flow. An attempt is also made to highlight on wise-uses of water resources of the region.
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