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Analysis of the physical and economic efficiency in agricultural water use in the Rio Grande river basin, for promoting water conservation measures

IWRA World Water Congress 2008 Montpellier France
6. Water Conservation and Demand Management
Author(s): Dr. Frank A. Ward
Macarena A. Dagnino
Professor of Water Policy Department of Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business New Mexico State University Box 30003, Dept. 3169 Las Cruces, New Mexico 88003 Telephone: (505) 646-1220 email: fward@nmsu.edu PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Prof

Keyword(s): Irrigation efficiency, water policy, water prices, hydroeconomic modelling
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AbstractNowadays, the Rio Grande basin (RGB) shares the same problems faced by many arid regions on the earth: growing and competing demands for water and river flows and uses make them vulnerable to drought and climate change. The Agricultural production in the RGB consumes 80-90% of total surface water supplies, giving rise to the considerable potential of water conservation in irrigated agriculture. The agriculture analysis most of the water- crop simulations models reported in the literature do not focus only in crop- yield-water relationships. The production processes involves many subsystems such as weather, soils, flows and groundwater. Those are the only of some of important production inputs that have to be considered by the decision -maker. This proposal, is applied based on the currently Integrated basin-wide hydroeconomic-institutional nonlinear programming model that has been used to examine the hydrologic and economic impacts by the Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business Department in NMSU; and add the crop water production functions, consider the optimal seasonal yield in order to the function for the total season water applied, using the crop yield as a function of the quantity and timing of water applied over the season for the major crops located in the Lower Rio Grande Basin, on the south central part of New Mexico.
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