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Study of Suitable Methods for Runoff and Flood Estimating in Arid Watersheds of Iran

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IWRA World Water Congress 2008 Montpellier France
1. Water availability, use and management
Author(s): Sahriari.Ehsan
Salajegheh Ali
KeshtkarAmir Reza

Sahriari.Ehsan, Salajegheh Ali, KeshtkarAmir Reza

Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Tehran,Karaj,Iran, P.O.Box:31585-3314.

Keyword(s): Arid regions, Water resources, Watershed, Runoff, Flood, Iran.


ABSTRACT: Today, successful management of water resources requires achieving a delicate balance of multiple uses that it needs to know existed water resources. These uses the support of fish populations, municipal and industrial water supply, navigation, recreation, hydropower, agriculture and flood control. As a result of increase in population and development in many regions, this balance is becoming more difficult to sustain and the potential adverse impacts of water supply shortage are becoming more significant especially in arid and semi-arid regions. When shortages do occur, the potential for conflict among multiple interest groups is high. Many regions, in a effort to mitigate social, ecological and economic damage during future water shortages are in the process of reevaluating existing for resource allocation during drought and examining new management options for the future. To be successful, these planning efforts must explicitly recognize the concerns of the different interest groups whose welfare is impacted by this resource and build consensus among them regarding an appropriate water management strategy. Iran is lake of water resources, especially in its arid regions. So the management of water resources in these areas is very important. Regarding the climate conditions and average precipitation of 240 mm, Iran plateau is considered as an arid and semi – arid region of the world, which is mostly encountered, with lake of water consequently leading to water, explore operations. The study area (Eileh basin) is located in the Eastern North of Iran (34° 38′ to 34° 48′ N, 60° 22′ to 60° 24′ E,), which belongs to the continental arid climate in the temperate zone. Mean annual precipitation is 265 mm, mean annual potential evaporation is 1275 mm, and the mean annual temperature is 13.2°C. This paper investigated Suitable Methods for Runoff and Flood Estimating in Arid Watersheds of Iran. The studies show that Justin and Envelop Curve methods were suitable methods respectively for estimating of runoff and flood.

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