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Integrated Water Resources Management in Citarum River Basin - Indonesia

IWRA World Water Congress 2008 Montpellier France
1. Water availability, use and management
Author(s): Reni Mayasari
Reseacher of Water Resources in Jasa Tirta II Public Corporation - Indonesia

Keyword(s): Integrated water resources management, water availability.

AbstractWater resources management for the Citarum River Basin can not be seen separately from land-use and the use of water associated to this land-use. It operates on the interaction between users (population) and resources, users and institutions and resources and institutions. Citarum River Basin located in tropic area of West Java Province, Java Island of Indonesia Archipelagos. There are two seasons every year, Wet Season or Rainy Season mostly from October to March and Dry Season from April to September. Annual precipitation depth of 3,000 mm in the mountainous area and 2,500 in the lowland, normally 70% falls during rainy season and 30% during dry season. Relative humidity of 80% and daily temperature of 250 C in the law land and of 180 C in the mountainous area. Current water use both for irrigation and for domestic, municipal and industrial uses (DMI), and the main water storage and water transfer routes are indicated. The water demand in the downstream area of the SWS is already influenced by the inter-basin transfer to the neighboring Jabotabek region. Water supply in the Citarum basin will be increasing determinate by the strongly growing water demand in the neighboring Jabotabek regional. The water supply for Jabotabek will be provide by a number of basin located to the East and West, with the Citarum system ad the main supply source. The Integrated development of water resources in northern West Java has become the hydrology unit with Citarum river as the main resource. The management form of dam/reservoir. Hydro Electric Power Plant and Jatiluhur irrigation since the establishment in 1957 until now.
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