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Community water supply and Sanitation in Nongteng Resettlement Residential area for UEM in Vientiane the capital city of Lao P.D.R

IWRA World Water Congress 2008 Montpellier France
6. Water Conservation and Demand Management
Author(s): Daophet Bouapha
Bounghon Homsombath
Mr Daophet held the general manager position and Mr Bounghou also incharge of the financial management in our company water supply at present time. Both of them are supervisons ongoing project that funded by Agance Francaise Developement( AFD) for seve

Keyword(s): Lao P.D.R : Lao People Democratic Republic, Nongteng : Sub Project location name,UEM : Urban Environmental Management

AbstractAIT Alumni 1999 ( UEM) Sisamone Kongmany Lao P.D.R Alumni Demonstration project on: Community water supply and Sanitation in Nongteng Resettlement Residential area for UEM in Vientiane the capital city of Lao P.D.R ABSTRACT In the real world the population are lack of save water and sanitation especially in the developing and underdeveloped counties most people are poor, the children mortality are high rate, in the near future the lack of fresh water source would be affected to the living life including animals human been and lastly environmental changeable. In Asia including ASEAN member countries face to be challenge for those affect, the deforestation in the region would be huge damage of the water shed also the surface water from the river face to be serious drought this dry season of year for Mekhong river. In Vientiane the capital city of Lao P.D.R in April were face serious draught effect by lowest of Mekhong river level compared to last 40 years, thus the effected to the demand capacity of both water treatment plan need full capacity to supply water to the two hundred thousand of consumer for one month. Refer to the real situation the Vientiane water supply company, trying to solved that problem by water tanker delivery to the high lacking point including resettlement zone that we namely Nongteng area but face to be not enough supply to whole city. There are a few water supply community served by local and village volunteer whose armature to be assistant by some donor appear not enough capability to supply due to the resettlement number are increased . The author highly to raise this topic for to have an any donor whose can assist for the capability to supply the clean water to the communities which more than thousand of household, and lack of good sanitation system due to lack of water supply. In the long run lack of clean water and bad sanitation would be effected to the human been hygiene and infected by disease especially for the school children sickness and might not attend the school age by normal life style that human been basic need.
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