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Ecological instream flow requirements calculation of Pihe River by Montana methodology in Sichuan basin China

IWRA World Water Congress 2008 Montpellier France
5. Water Governance and Water Security
Author(s): Fanghua Hao
Hao Chen
Xuelei Wang
ShengTian Yang
Wei Ouyang PhD candidate 1. School of Environment, State Key Laboratory of Water Environment Simulation, Beijing Normal University 2. International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), Netherlands Fanghua Hao Prof/Doc Sch

Keyword(s): eco-environmental water requirements, water resource allocation, water quality goal, pollutant dilute water requirement
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AbstractWith the rapid economic developments in China, the future water resource developments should be sustainable and that a component of the natural flow of rivers should be reserved to ensure diverse ecological functioning. In last 15 years, ecological instream flow requirements (EIFR) research of river was one of the main and hot fields for eco- hydrology scientists. To coordinate with the water resource allocation, we evaluated EIFR of Pihe River section in every 12 month of three typical years (1968, 1986 and 1987). The Montana methodology was widely applied in water requirements estimate and proved usefully. Based on natural characters of Pihe River, minimum and optimum water requirement of aquatic habitat for the river maintenance were counted. Evaporation water requirement of Pihe River was computed too, which is related with the width of water surface, the river length and evaporation depth. Considering the water quality goal, diluting pollutant water requirement was taken into accounted. Then the EIFR of the river of 12 month were ultimately ascertained. Among them, that was 20.64m3/s and the minimum eco- environmental water requirement of the river was 25.84m3/s.
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