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6- water cnservation and demand management-

Author(s): 6-1 Social Aspect of Water
IWRA World Water Congress 2008 Montpellier France
6. Water Conservation and Demand Management

Abstract1- Introduction: The paper attempts to show the impact of global warming, on the sarcity of water resuces, globally and in Darfur in particular. The same lead to the conflict over resources including inter alia water resouces. 2- the objective of the presentation will be as follows: •to evaluate the history of the socio-legal impacts of the climate change in the Region , and the response of the successive governments in face of climate change. •To outline the shortcomings of the legal solutions adopted to solve the resource based conflict in the Region. •To study from human rights and environmental justice point of view , the extent to which the various people of Darfur can enjoy water rights. 3-Results and coclusions:•to propose a draft Memorandum of Understanding between the farmers and pastoralist tribes , to guarantee access to water by all the tribes , within a framework of code of practice to be agreed upon by the community leaders. •To propose a draft project to seek the synergy of the international community and donors , to facilitate the sustainable development of underground water utilities in the Region. •To promote the establishment of catchments for seasonal rivers and streams. •To promote the privatization of water resources supplies, through public or private Special Purpose Vehicles Companies whose equities are to be held by all the stake holders. •To propose water management agency for the whole Darfur Region to be established by a statutory law , embodying the water rights. •To propose a regional agreement between the countries of the region adjacent to Darfur, such as Chad, Libyaand Cenre Africa for joint co-operation as regards the management and division of ground waters. •To propose the change the attitude of the Army and the Janjaweed militia from mere military operations to civil works , especially in the field of water resources.
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