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Intelligent control based on fuzzy logic for automation of greenhouse irrigation system

Author(s): The impact of human societies that modify their environment to their needs, particularly for crop and animal production in order to secure their food supplies. The evaluation and the integrated management of water resources represent decisive factors in these vital priorities for humanity.
IWRA World Water Congress 2008 Montpellier France
4. Development of Water Resources and Infrastructure
Author(s): Ahmad Tabatabaeefar
Mahmood Omid
Reza Alimardani
Leila Naderloo
Payam Javadikia, Ph.D. student of Agricultural Machinery Engineering Ahmad Tabatabaeefar, Professor of Agricultural Machinery Engineering Mahmood Omid, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Machinery Engineering Reza Alimardani, Professor of Agricultural

Keyword(s): Fuzzy logic controller, Irrigation system, Fuzzy system,

Abstract The idea of irrigation is not new, irrigation stems as far back as the Egyptians and probably further in unrecorded history. Even the idea of automated irrigation is not new, mankind has figured out how to irrigate large areas of foliage through the use of automated and drop irrigation systems. Efficiently automated irrigation systems, which can irrigate plants to a desired level and supply those plants with just the amount of water required for normal an uptake plant growth, are currently not available. These systems, if developed, could reduce waste of irrigated water. The irrigation controller is the "brain" of an entire irrigation system. It controls flow of water and fertilizer to plants, therefore, enables farmer, or gardener, to obtain optimized results: a successful crop or a beautiful garden, by using an optimum amount of water and fertilizer. Nowadays computerized control is very essential for the greenhouse irrigation control. Conventional methods for controlling greenhouse irrigation may not be effective since they are on-off control based on which proportional control methods results in a loss of energy and productivity. This paper presents a solution for an irrigation controller based on the fuzzy-logic methodology. First, it describes the general problem of irrigation. Then, it discusses the physical control model. The developed fuzzy logic controller (FLC) prototype is based on a Mamedani controller and it is built on MATLAB software. Following the discussion and the formal presentation of the fuzzy controller, the paper provide examples that will show the simplicity in designing and constructing such a system and other advantages of using fuzzy logic in the feedback control problem. The developed fuzzy logic controller can effectively estimate amount of water uptake of plants in distinct depth using the reliable irrigation model, evapotranspiration functions, environmental conditions of greenhouse, soil type, type of plant and another factors affecting the irrigation of greenhouse.
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