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Special Session: The Economics of Water Quality

IWRA 2021 World Water Congress in Daegu, Korea (29 November - 3 December 2021)
D. Healthy Waters
Author(s): Host : World Bank Group, World Bank Group

Host : World Bank Group *, World Bank Group

Presenters: Jennifer Sara(World Bank Group, USA)




While there is broad agreement on the challenge that deteriorating water quality poses to society, global impacts of water pollution remain poorly understood, and the solutions remain largely elusive. The objective of the session is to inform participants of new insights into the economic consequences of poor water quality, as well as insights into the most appropriate policy solutions.


Deteriorating water quality has emerged as a threat to global health, sustainability, and development. While the global focus has largely been on water quantity given the intensifying levels of scarcity, the quality of water is just as important and poses a growing challenge as countries industrialize, urbanize, and populations grow. Although not fully quantified, the impact of poor water quality on human development and the environment is likely to be very large. Unsafe drinking water causes more deaths than all forms of violence and war combined and is responsible for a larger number of deaths of children and adults under the age of 24 than air pollution. This session will assist water sector specialists, academics, and policy makers to better understand the state of global water supplies, its causes, impacts, and most efficient policy solutions. The session will be organized by the World Bank and will include presentations and a panel discussion.


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