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Special Session: Urban water cycle and intelligent technologies: Danish experiences

IWRA 2021 World Water Congress in Daegu, Korea (29 November - 3 December 2021)
C. Smart Water

Host : Innovation Centre Denmark *, Innovation Centre Denmark

Presenters: Michael Rasmussen(Aalborg University, Denmark)




The largest emerging challenges for water management are the aging water infrastructure, growing population, and rising energy costs. In addition to these challenges, climate change has increased pressure on the society and ecosystem around the urban area. To overcome these challenges and support proactive decision making for urban water managers the concept of Smart Water Management (SWM) could be applied. SWM refers to water networks that allow for simultaneous real-time analysis and selfoptimisation. It allows water managers to more effectively collect, share, and analyse data to find leaks, predict failures, and optimise conditions. SWM also enables citizens to accurately know the status of the water systems and deploy resources intelligently and efficiently.


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