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Special Session: Groundwater management for land subsidence in an urban context

IWRA 2021 World Water Congress in Daegu, Korea (29 November - 3 December 2021)
C. Smart Water
Author(s): Host : UNESCO



  • Alexandros Makarigakis(Programme Specialist, UNESCO , Division of Water Sciences, France)
  • Heri Andreas(Geodesy Research Division Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology Institute of
  • Technology Bandung Indonesia, Indonesia)
  • Shujun Ye(Department of Hydrosciences, School of Earth Sciences and Engineering, Nanjing University, China)
  • Dora Carreon-Freyre(Centro de Geociencias, Campus Juriquilla, UNAM, Mexico)



Title and a short description of the session’s topic and/or sub-theme (and alignment with which congress theme)

“Groundwater management for land subsidence in an Urban context”
Land subsidence occurs gradually with sever impacts on humans and their settlements, as it can destroy houses and facilities, damage agriculture and drainage infrastructure, degrade the quality of the aquifer, as well as increase the risk of flooding mainly for coastal urban centers. This session will focus on the challenges of land subsidence at an urban level and demonstrate technical solutions through groundwater management perspectives. This session aligns with theme C ‘Adoption smart technologies, policies and processes’ and the cross – cutting theme 3 ‘Delivering SDG outcomes: Five years on and looking to 2030’.

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