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Initiative development of UNESCO certification on tap water management and quality

IWRA 2021 World Water Congress in Daegu, Korea (29 November - 3 December 2021)
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(a) Purpose of study or research hypothesis

  • UNESCO’s Division of Water Sciences proposes and leads the establishment of a new initiative to promote tap water and public water supply system in city by eliminating the vague distrust of citizens and tourists alike on tap water
  • K-water participate as technical advisor and developed evaluation guideline and tools based on 50years experience of development and management for national water supply systems more than 80 WTPs.

(b) Key issue(s) or problem(s) addressed

  • When establishing evaluation guideline, performance evaluation is based on international standardization considering characteristics of local water supply systems and can be used every system in the world regardless of different region and situation.
  • Evaluation tool will be used not only for certification for developed cities but also for improving water supply systems of developing cities with knowledge shearing and capacity building.

(c) Methodology or approach used

  • Water safety plan is introduced by WHO recommendation to reduce the risk of water supply. K-water developed K-water WSP program by pilot test program in K-water’s WTPs and established 160 parameters for risk management of water source, water treatment and distribution system. These parameters are modified to apply to developing & developed country by professionals (water treatment process & water quality, distribution system, facility management).

(d) Results or conclusions derived from the project

  • The 160 parameters were merged and summarized into 62 parameters. Although these parameters are necessary to managing water supply system, it is hard to get a high score for developing country when evaluate water supply performance by each parameters. At that time action plan will be established to improve their systems.

(e) Implications of the project relevant to congress themes

  •  “UNESCO certification on tap water quality and management” will serve countries to achieve SDG 6,12, 17.
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