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IWRA World Water Congress 2003 Madrid Spain
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Author(s): Dr. Stephen MERRETT

Dr. Stephen MERRETT water resources consultant,
43 Anson Road, London N7 0AR, UK email: steve@tufpark.demon.co.uk



Integrated water resources management (IWRM) seeks to integrate in many different ways: the social sciences with the natural sciences, planning with implementation, and groundwater with surface water, to mention just three such ways. The first objective of this paper is briefly to introduce a planning method that I call the hydrosocial balance and to show how it integrates supply, losses and use quantities, as well as the present with the future. The paper then shows how the hydrosocial balance can be developed to integrate water qualities with water quantities. The paper’s third and final objective is to apply this management tool to a case study from the island of Jersey in the English Channel. The understandable restrictions on the length of the papers presented in Madrid have necessitated me covering the theoretical approach, the tabulation of the situation in Jersey and my conclusions. Persons wishing to see the fully detailed discussion of the Jersey case-study should contact me.

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