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IWRA World Water Congress 2003 Madrid Spain
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Author(s): Dr. B. M. JANI

Dr. B. M. JANI Professor of Economics. Saurashtra University. RAJKOT-360 005, India.



Central Water Commission, Central Ground water Resources Board and Gujarat Ground water supplies and Sewerage Board have seriously examined techno-economic aspects of ground water resources management in India and Gujarat. It is pertaining to geographical area wise classification and use of groundwater resources, quality of the water for public health. The present paper analyses district wise situation of ground water quality in Gujarat state. The paper has highlighted to have a link with surface water resources with ground water resources not only in Gujarat but also in all states of India. The Eleventh finance Commission has considered investment in water resources under state subject. Still, however, the commission has not provided a code of conduct for devolution of resources between the states and the Centre under the central pool so as to have resources for water investment by the states. This so as local self- government solely depends upon the states Governments and the states on the Centre Government as local bodies are running heavy financial deficits. And hence deployment of financial resources in Infrastructure in general and water resources in particular by the The aim of this paper is to review existing latest literature grown in the recent past so as to sort An attempt is made in this paper to know water geography in terms of nature of water so as to have more private investment in the sector to development water market in Gujarat for more economic use of water. District-wise ground water extraction and inter-district variations are examined along with quality of ground water resources in different districts of Gujarat state. Ground water quality is examined so as to have more efficient use of the water for irrigation and drinking purposes. At the end of this paper, policy options are offered so as to have efficient ground water resources management in 21st Century in Gujarat of India with economies of ...

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