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2017-05-15 News World Water Challenge 2017 - One Week Left for Deadline of Problem Submission!
2017-05-15 News Korea International Water Week: Submission of Session Proposal
2017-03-08 News UPCOMING IWRA WEBINAR on World Water Day - 22 March 2017 - Wastewater
2017-03-06 News Ven Te Chow Memorial Award & Lecture and Best Paper 2015
2017-02-15 News 8th World Water Forum Online Consultation – Your Voice
2017-01-26 News Extended Deadline for Awards Nominations for the XVI World Water Congress
2017-01-18 Event XVI World Water Congress (29 May-3 June 2017) in Cancun, Mexico
2017-01-02 News International Decade for Action - Water for Sustainable Development, 2018-2028
2017-01-02 News Shenzhen Declaration
2017-01-02 News Budapest Water Summit 2016 - Messages and Policy Recommendations
2017-01-02 Event Celebration of IWRA's 45th Anniversary 1971-2016
2016-12-30 Newsletter Recently Published Newsletter: IWRA Update March 2017
2016-09-30 News Webinar: Water Governance and Mining
2016-09-15 News Call for Expressions of Interest to Host the XVII World Water Congress
2016-07-26 News Bridging Science and Policy: It's Not Just a Talking Point
2016-06-02 News Article on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
2016-05-25 News A. Akhmouch s article in Water Journal: Practicing What We Preach with the OECD Water Governance Initiative
2016-05-17 News IWRA past President's article in The National
2016-05-12 News IWRA Board members article in South China Morning Post
2016-04-29 News IWRA Executive Director article in The World Post
2016-04-15 News IWRA President article in ANEAS Water and Sanitation Magazine
2016-04-12 Publication Classic Papers in Natural Resource Economics Revisited
2016-04-04 News Water and Climate seminars - 3rd seminar on Concepts and instruments: the influence of thinking and action framework
2016-04-04 Publication Water Governance in cities
2016-04-04 Event World Water Week
2016-04-04 Publication Water, People and Cooperation
2016-03-24 News XVI World Water Congress Registration and Deadlines
2016-03-22 News 2016 World Water Day
2016-03-07 News IWRA appoints new Executive Director
2016-02-25 Event Water and Sustainability: A Hydro Nation Approach
2016-02-23 News Preparing for the Congress in Mexico 2016!
2016-02-19 News Strategic Workshop and Board Meeting
2016-02-18 News IWRA webinar: Sustainability in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus
2016-02-18 News IWRA Strategic Workshop and Board Meeting in Paris
2016-01-26 News XVIth World Water Congress
2016-01-12 Event XVIth IWRA World Water Congress
2016-01-12 Event UN World Water Day
2016-01-04 News
2015-11-16 News 15th IWRA Executive Board begins 2016-2018 mandate
2015-11-12 Event Water and Climate Seminar on transboundary waters
2015-10-29 Event Water and Climate Stakeholders - uniting our agendas (French only)
2015-10-12 News ESIOS - Energy Security & Innovation Observing System for the Subsurface Project
2015-10-02 Event COP21 / CMP11
2015-10-02 News UN adopts new Global Goals, charting sustainable development for people and planet by 2030
2015-09-25 News XVIth World Water Congress - 29 May to 2 June 2015
2015-08-10 News Water International Best Paper 2014 Awards
2015-08-06 News Candidates for the 15th IWRA Executive Board
2015-07-29 Publication Frontiers of Land and Water management in Urban Regions
2015-07-09 Publication Achievements during the International Decade for Action Water for Life
2015-07-03 Event 18th International River Symposium
2015-06-25 News Introducing the IWRA Emerging Professionals Working Group
2015-06-23 News Selection of photos of the XVth World Water Congress
2015-06-18 Publication Special Series on the Congress Themes
2015-06-09 Event 7th ICWRER
2015-06-09 News Ministers welcomed OECD Principles on Water Governance
2015-06-09 News Launch of the IWRA Oceania Committee
2015-06-05 News World Water Congress: from Edinburgh to Cancun!
2015-05-29 News Water International Best Paper Awardees during the XVTh World Water Congress
2015-05-29 News Award for Excellence in Water Resources Management
2015-05-21 News Crystal Drop and Ven Te Chow Awards Recipients
2015-05-06 News Meet the 2015 laureates of the IWRA Crystal Drop and Ven Te Chow Memorial Awards
2015-04-27 Publication TOWARDS A WATER & ENERGY SECURE CHINA – Tough choices ahead in power expansion with limited water resources
2015-04-18 News IWRA signs agreement with ANEAS for 16th World Water Congress
2015-04-15 News 7th World Water Forum Update: 14 April
2015-04-15 News XVth World Water Congress: Final Exhibition Stands Available
2015-04-13 News 7th World Water Forum Update: 13 April
2015-04-02 News XVth World Water Congress Update!
2015-03-30 Publication The United Nations World Water Development Report 2015: Water for a sustainable world
2015-03-19 News World Water Development Report 2015: Water for a sustainable world
2015-03-19 Event World Water Week
2015-03-18 News Special Series on Congress Themes
2015-03-17 News New IWRA Oceania Committee!
2015-02-03 News Dr. Yutaka Takahasi recipient of the 2015 Japan Prize
2015-01-28 News XVth World Water Congress in Edinburgh. Register now!
2015-01-27 Event ICID2015
2015-01-27 News Call for Papers : First Announcement ICID 2015
2015-01-13 News IWRA at India Water Week
2014-12-23 News Season's Greetings and best wishes for 2015!
2014-12-19 News Special series on the Themes of the World Water Congress
2014-12-15 News Call for Nominations: Elections for the 2016-2018 Executive Board Officers
2014-12-02 News IWRA Webinar: Land and Water Governance In Urban Regions, 15 December 2014
2014-11-25 News IWRA at the OECD Water Governance Initiative Meeting
2014-11-14 Publication On target for People and Planet: Setting and Achieving Water-related SDG
2014-11-14 News IWRA launches new Award for Excellence in Water Resources Management !
2014-11-14 News World Water Congress: Prof. Gabriel Eckstein Looks Forward to Scotland
2014-11-14 News The Toyoko and Hiroshi Hori Education Fund Grant awarded to Mr. Tahlil and Dr. Qahman
2014-11-12 Event Arab Water Week 2015
2014-11-12 Event 2nd Mediterranean Water Forum
2014-11-12 Publication Brill Research Perspectives, International Water Law
2014-11-03 Event 7th World Water Forum
2014-10-30 Event GWOPA - World Cities Day
2014-10-29 News IWRA meets with World Water Council and 7th World Water Forum
2014-10-26 News Crystal Drop and Ven Te Chow Memorial Lecture Awards - Call for Nominations
2014-09-30 News IWRA in China!
2014-09-25 Event 53rd Board of Governors Meeting, World Water Council
2014-09-25 Event ANEAS Annual Convention & Expo
2014-09-25 Event 4th Meeting of the OECD-Water Governance Initiative
2014-09-25 Event OECD Global Forum on the Water-Energy-Food Nexus
2014-08-26 Event International Conference & Exhibition Africa 2015
2014-08-19 News Register to attend the XVth World Water Congress
2014-08-06 News Water International Best Paper Awards 2013
2014-07-29 Publication Policy Briefing No.4: Out of Mines, Out of Site
2014-07-16 News A new approach to the contentious transboundary relationship between Mexico and the United States on the use of the Colorado River
2014-07-11 News LAST CALL : Abstracts submission deadline - XVth World Water Congress
2014-07-11 Event Why does the UN Watercourses Convention entry into force matter?
2014-07-11 Publication Principles of Soil and Plant Water Relations, 2nd Edition
2014-07-11 Publication Transboundary Water Governance: Adaptation to Climate Change
2014-07-02 News Water International Call For Papers - Special Issue: Mining and Water Resource Management: Problem or Solution?
2014-07-01 News IWRA attends Latin Water Week in Mexico City
2014-07-01 Event 22nd ICID Congress & 65th IEC Meeting
2014-07-01 Event World Water Week
2014-06-10 News 30 years on. The International Journal of Water Resources Development.
2014-06-10 Event Latin America Water Week
2014-06-02 News IWRA at the 3rd Istanbul International Water Forum!
2014-06-02 News IWRA Executive Board Meeting in Istanbul
2014-05-22 News UN Watercourses Convention joined by the 35th country!
2014-05-19 News World Water Congress - Submit an Abstract !
2014-05-19 News Istanbul International Water Forum
2014-05-14 News IWRA's First Webinar !
2014-04-28 News 3rd meeting of the OECD Water Governance Initiative
2014-04-24 News CATEC 2014
2014-04-10 News Water International Best Paper 2012 Awards
2014-03-28 News IWRA participates strongly in the Budapest Water Summit of October 2013
2014-03-27 Newsletter IWRA Update
2014-03-20 News Webinar: Can water supply, sanitation and hygiene be a preventive medecine?
2014-03-13 News International Water Law Course
2014-03-11 News Global Water Forum Emerging Scholars Award
2014-03-10 News IWRA in the host country of the 7th World Water Forum
2014-02-26 News World Water Council selects Brasilia as host city for 8th World Water Forum
2014-02-20 News Post-2015 Global Goal for Water
2014-02-12 News Call for Applications: MSc Water: Science and Governance
2014-02-04 Publication Guidance on Water and Adaptation to Climate Change
2014-02-04 Event Singapore International World Water Week
2014-01-31 News New Jobs/Internships postings
2014-01-22 News International Water Summit 2014
2014-01-16 Event Sustainability in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus
2014-01-14 Event The 2nd Stakeholders Consultation Meeting for the 7th World Water Forum
2014-01-14 Publication Free Flow: Reaching Water Security Through Cooperation
2014-01-09 News Global Water Partnership Vacancy
2014-01-07 News Water Sustainability and Climate Social Science Postdoctoral Position
2014-01-07 Event International Water Summit
2013-12-20 News International Water Law Scholarship Programme
2013-12-20 Publication Green growth and water allocation
2013-12-09 Publication Catalyzing Water for Sustainable Development and Growth
2013-12-03 News Water Integrity Network (WIN) recruiting
2013-12-02 News Budapest Water Summit 2013 Update
2013-12-02 News Engage with and Contribute to Global Water Policy
2013-11-28 News Posts in Environment & International Development
2013-11-26 News Call for Applications in International Water Law
2013-11-20 News OECD 2nd Meeting of the Water Governance Initiative
2013-11-20 News Budapest Water Summit 2013
2013-11-20 Event 3rd Istanbul International Water Forum
2013-11-20 News Stockholm World Water Week 2013
2013-11-13 News Wuhan Symposium on Ecohydrology and Water Security
2013-10-15 News New Honorary members awarded by IWRA
2013-08-30 News Meet IWRA at the World Water Week 2013!
2013-08-30 News The third 2013 application has been accepted by the Hori Fund Task Force!
2013-08-02 News Water International Best Paper Awards 2011
2013-08-02 News At Long Last, Water International has a Book Editor
2013-07-25 News IWRA member Victor Dukhovny has been awarded the first World Irrigation and Drainage Prize 2013
2013-07-03 News Article of interest:
2013-06-14 News The second 2013 application has been accepted by the Hori Fund Task Force
2013-05-09 News Save the Date: 25-29 May 2015 XVth World Water Congress
2013-04-11 News The first 2013 application has been accepted by the Hori Fund Task Force
2013-04-11 Publication Water International Journal - Volume 42, Issue 1, January 2017 - is now available online!
2013-03-27 News International Scientific Committee (ISC) of the XVth World Water Congress:
2013-02-27 Event XV World Water Congress
2013-01-03 Event 2013 - International year of water cooperation
2013-01-03 Event 11th SILUSBA
2012-12-03 News XVth IWRA World Water Congress to be held in Edinburgh, Scotland from 25 to 29 May 2015
2012-12-03 Event IWRA Board Meeting
2012-10-31 News Introducing the new IWRA Executive Board 2013-2015
2012-10-19 News Hori Fund Grants for Scholars from Low-Income Countries
2012-10-09 Event Symposium on Securing Water Supplies for the Future
2012-10-09 Event Groundwater in Coastal Urban Areas
2012-09-27 News IWRA Board officers met with China's Minister of Water Resources
2012-08-27 News UNEP Side Event at Stockholm World Water Week 2012
2012-06-29 Event Water Infrastructure in Asia: What is Needed and What is likely to be Reality
2012-06-29 Event Singapore International Water Week
2012-06-08 Event Water issues/challenges and Climate Change Adaptation in Africa
2012-05-30 Event 5th International Yellow River Forum
2012-05-30 Event 15th International River Symposium
2012-05-22 News New call for candidatures to host the XVth IWRA World Water Congress (2014/2015)
2012-05-15 Event BALWOIS 2012
2012-04-23 Publication Water Resources: Preservation and Management
2012-04-02 News Dr. Naho Mirumachi, Associate Editor of Water International
2012-03-20 News Philippus (Flip) Wester, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Water International
2012-03-19 News Agreement signed between IWRA and AIDA
2012-03-07 Event ASIA 2012
2012-03-05 News IWRA at the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille
2012-02-02 Publication Hydro‐political Baseline of the Upper Jordan River
2012-01-04 Publication Water Quality Management: Present Situations, Challenges and Future Perspectives
2012-01-04 News IWRA Executive Board Elections - Cast your vote
2011-12-03 Publication Early focus on water strategies for the twenty-first century: IWRA as an interdisciplinary forerunner
2011-11-25 Publication Vol. 39 No.5
2011-11-21 Event To subscribe to the Newsletter Email list:
2011-11-18 Event Premier Forum Mediterraneen de l Eau
2011-11-18 Publication The World s Water - Volume 7
2011-11-18 News Climate Change and Water: Experiences from the field
2011-11-18 Event Follow IWRA on:
2011-11-16 Publication Irrigation avec des eaux usées et santé - Évaluer et atténuer les risques dans les pays à faible revenu
2011-11-16 News Prof. Jun Xia awarded the International Prize for Outstanding Contributions to Water Management
2011-11-16 Event European Geosciences Union - General Assembly 2012
2011-11-07 Publication Vol.36 No.6
2011-11-07 Event HydroPredict 2012
2011-11-04 Publication Vol.36 No.4
2011-10-02 News Ven Te Chow Memorial Lecture by Dr. Peter H. Gleick
2011-09-24 Publication The Silala/Siloli Watershed: Dispute over the Most Vulnerable Basin in South America
2011-09-19 Event River 2011
2011-09-16 News Announcement: XVth IWRA World Water Congress Organiser in 2014
2011-09-13 News Final Call: Nomination for the 2012 Stockholm Water Prize
2011-09-06 Publication Vol.36 No.5
2011-09-05 News Avinash Tyagi, new Executive Secretary of the ICID
2011-09-05 Event 14th World Lake Conference
2011-08-17 News IWRA Newsletter mailing list
2011-08-17 News IWRA Best Paper Award
2011-08-17 Event 6th China International Water Business Summit
2011-08-17 Publication Policy Brief on Water Quality
2011-07-27 Event 14th International River Symposium
2011-07-27 Event ...LATEST EVENTS IN 2012
2011-07-27 News Call for applications to the Kyoto World Water Grand Prize
2011-07-26 News Specials sessions and Keynote speakers - XVth IWRA World Water Congress
2011-07-25 Publication IWRA Update - September 2016
2011-07-25 News IWRA seminar during the 2011 Stockholm World Water Week
2011-07-11 News IWP-IWRA-JICA seminar during the 2011 Singapore Water Week
2011-07-01 Publication Vol.37 No.6
2011-07-01 Publication Article: Report of Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
2011-06-17 Event Second Arab Water Forum
2011-06-15 Event 6th World Water Forum
2011-06-15 News XIIIth IWRA World Water Congress in Montpellier, France
2011-06-14 News Dr. David Molden - new Director General of ICIMOD
2011-06-06 News Call for Papers: Awards for Young Researchers
2011-06-01 Publication Improving Water Policy and Governance
2011-06-01 Event 42th Board of Governors meeting - World Water Council
2011-05-31 Publication Water International
2011-05-31 Event World Water Week
2011-05-31 Event Hydro2011
2011-05-20 Event International Symposium EWRA
2011-05-20 Event IWRA Board meeting
2011-05-20 Event International Symposium
2011-05-17 News Research Award for Young Scholars 2011
2011-04-08 Event Granada International Workshop
2011-03-18 Event XIVth IWRA World Water Congress
2011-03-14 News Welcome to the new IWRA Website
2011-03-14 Publication Water in Central Asia: Past, Present and Future
2011-01-06 Event Singapore Water Week
2011-01-06 Event World Water Day
2011-01-06 Publication The Greening of Water Law
2011-01-06 News IWRA becomes a partner of UN Water
2011-01-06 News Call for candidates : XVth IWRA World Water Congress
2010-12-24 Publication Vol.36 No.2
2010-12-23 Event Hydrogaïa
Event UNESCO International Conference on Transboundary Aquifers: Challenges and New Directions (ISARM2010)
News XIVth IWRA World Water Congress. 25-29 Sept. 2011
Publication Downstream Riparians Can Also Harm Upstream Riparians: The Concept of Forclosure of Future Uses
Publication A review essay of three recently published books on Foreign Affairs
Event IAHS Workshop: Water Governance and Environmental Change
Newsletter IWRA Update
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