Call for members: Join IWRA Water Quality Task Force

IWRA is now accepting applications from members to join its
Water Quality Task Force & Working Groups

IWRA is pleased to announce the general call for IWRA members to join its Water Quality Task Force, and one or more of its current Working Groups

While applications to join this Task Force will remain open for all IWRA members, we ask all interested members to contact the Water Quality Bureau before Monday, February 21st, 2022. This will ensure that you can be part of the development of the following current three Working Group topics, and the future new proposed working groups directly related to water quality:

  1. Contaminants of Emerging Concern
  2. Water Reuse
  3. Groundwater and Aquifer Health

The relationship between the Water Quality Bureau and its Working Groups is depicted in the below figure:

The Working Groups will decide the outputs of their joint work, including policy briefs, policy dialogues, academic papers, podcasts, webinars, workshops, and conference sessions. The work products of each Working Group will also be used as a basis for presentations at various IWRA events.

Call for Working Groups for Action

We are seeking applications from all interested IWRA members to join the Task Force. If you just want to find out more on this important topic, or to join one or more of the Working Groups to help produce specific outputs directly related to water security, then have a look at the details as set out below.

IWRA members are encouraged to get in touch with the Water Quality Bureau to let us know your areas of interest, or key messages that IWRA should pursue with regards to water security.

Members will be put in contact with working group leads in order to contribute to the development of activities related to these sub-themes. Depending on members’ interest, more topics will be introduced in future. 

How can you join this Water Quality Task Force and its Working Groups?

  1. Ensure that you have an updated IWRA membership
  2. Send an email to with “Water Quality Task Force- membership” in the subject line.

What to include in the email

  • Your name, email, location, affiliation, and IWRA membership number (you can find this on your membership profile – but if you cannot find this, we will find it for you)
  • Your CV and brief cover letter.
  • Tell us what your particular area of interest is related to Water Quality, and if you would be interested in joining any of the three current Working Groups.

We look forward to hearing from you by February 21st!

The IWRA Water Quality Task Force – Bureau was formed to position IWRA in discussions on water quality and inform its debates. The Task Force – Bureau’s role is to identify topics of interest from the IWRA membership at the interface of science and policy, to work in an interdisciplinary way to better understand the issues and develop solutions, as well as offer policy advice at country, regional, and international levels. 

The Task Force – Bureau will form Working Groups drawn from its membership to produce specific concept notes, academic research, policy briefs or webinars around various sub-themes of interest.