Participate now! IWRA World Water Day activities 2022


Groundwater is invisible, but its impact is visible everywhere. Our drinking water and sanitation, our food supply and natural environment – all these rely on groundwater. #WorldWaterDay 

In celebration of this year’s World Water Day, IWRA has a number of exciting events and activites lined up. Read below to learn more. 

Events & Activities

Water is an essential resource. Water can also be fun!

In honor of World Water Day 2022 – IWRA encourages you to celebrate the importance of water, while retaining a sense of mystery and enthusiasm.

As such, IWRA is pleased to release its newest innovation: Memory Mayhem, a Groundwater Puzzle Game. The game challenges readers to dig beneath the surface – in this instance, the at home office of vulnerable Aunt Darcy – to uncover clues, solve the mystery, and save the day.


World Water Day Webinar 1

World Water Day webinar 2