IWRA Webinar – N°2

Why does the UN Watercourses Convention entry into force matter?

14 July 2014

After 17 years, the UN Watercourses Convention finally entered into force on August 17, 2014.

The webinar panel discussed the history and authority of the UN Watercourses Convention, as well as why it is an important supplement to existing treaty arrangements in many part of the world. They explored how entry into force brought added value to the normative values that the treaty embodies. Finally, the panel also discussed the complementarity between the UNECE Water Convention and the UN Watercourses Convention.

The webinar was moderated by Scott McKenzie (PhD Student, University of British Columbia Canada) and Tom Soo (Executive Director of the International Water Resources Association, France), and featured; Dr. Alistair Rieu-Clarke, (Reader in International Law, Centre for Water Law, Policy & Science, University of Dundee, Scotland), Mr. Remy Kinna, (Humanitarian Programme Manager, Oxfam Australia), Ms. Flavia Loures, (Independent Consultant), Dr. Owen McIntyre (Senior Lecturer, University College Cork, Ireland), Dr. Salman Salman, (Fellow, International Water Resources Association).

This webinar was based on special issue of Water International (Vol.38 Issue. 2).

This special issue was also the subject of an IWRA policy brief, available here.

Please download the presentations below:

• UNWC and Ecosystems protection, McIntyre, July 2014

• Authority of UNWC, Rieu-Clarke, July 2014

• UNWC Entry into force and Institutional coordination, Kinna, July 2014

• Why does UNWC entry into force matter, Salman, July 2014