IWRA Webinar – N°1

Can Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene be a Preventive Medicine?

IWRA successfully held it’s first webinar on May 12th, 2014.

Expert panelists Dr Saravanan, Dr Gondhalekar, Ms. Bukirwa and Prof. Mollinga discussed how international, national and regional actors should consider the international goals (as evidenced through the MGD’s) as super-norms’ and should strive to contextualize these goals by playing ‘politics with principle’ to innovate the socio-technical and institutional dimensions for integrated water, sanitation and hygiene to reduce the threat from infectious diseases.

This webinar was based on the IWRA policy brief: “Can Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene be a Preventive Medicine?”

This policy brief is available here.

Please download the presentations below:

• Can Water Supply and Sanitation be a Preventative Medecine?, Saravanan, 2014

• Why Water supply and Sanitation Interventions Fail in LDCs(A case of Uganda), Bukirwa, 2014

• Integrated water supply, sanitation & sewerage systems in urban planning for human health risk reduction, Gondhalekar, 2014

• Comparative research for better Water Supply and Sanitation outcomes, Mollinga, 2014

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