IWRA Webinar N° 63

Global Youth-Led Action for Water
July 11, 2023

Webinar 60

Youth are not only one of the most affected by water-related challenges but will also be the ones responsible for leading the sustainable management of this resource for their own communities and the world. Youth-led action and advocacy are crucial for addressing current and future water-related challenges. Empowering youth in water action fosters a sense of ownership, responsibility, and collective action, creating long-lasting impacts on water security and the overall well-being of the water resources worldwide.

This webinar presented four cases which illustrated how youth are dealing with the challenges that the current economic, social, and environmental situation poses on the water sector. Cases include examples with global, regional, and local impacts, specifically from the science, policy, innovation, and advocacy perspective.

The webinar was moderated by Rewa Assi (IWRA´s ECYP Chair) who started the session by interacting with the audience and highlighting the importance of youth-led action in decision making for a sustainable use of the world’s most precious and unique resource for all: Water.

As part of the panel, Rewa Assi (IWRA), introduced IWRA´s Early Career and Young Professionals Task Force (ECYP); Rewa presented ECYP’s objectives, structure, working groups, as well as current and upcoming activities, along with opportunities for young professionals to join the Task Force in its various roles.

Moreover, Michel Frem (UNESCO GWYN), presented UNESCO’s Ground Water Youth Network, where he introduced the organisation’s efforts in the groundwater sector, specifically from the decision-making perspective. Michel put forward various activities led by youth and how this is impacting in the water sector. Opportunities to join the organisation were also presented.    

In addition, Amin Shakya (Youth for the Rhine), introduced the activities, organisation structure and characteristics of Youth for the Rhine, a youth-led organisation that brings innovative solutions to water-related challenges throughout the Rhine basin, which comprises five countries (i.e., Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, and France). Towards the end of this presentation, opportunities for young professionals to engage with the organisation were offered.

Furthermore, Amrita Gautam (DrinkPani Nepal), highlighted the water-challenges in Nepal and presented the story of how DrinkPani was created to provide solutions to problems such as water-borne diseases. DrinkPani is a research-based initiative that bridges the gap between water utilities and communities regarding water supply and quality. She reiterated that Youth are key actors to reach policy makers for evidence-informed decision making.

Webinar attendees came from various geographies of the globe, mainly from Asia and Africa, followed by Europe and the Americas. Likewise, they came from various age groups, backgrounds, and organisations (mainly young advocates and practitioners from NGOs and the academia). 


  • Rewa Assi, IWRA Early Career and Young Professionals (ECYP) Task Force
  • Michel Frem, UNESCO Ground Water Youth Network
  • Amin Shakya, Youth for the Rhine
  • Amrita Gautam, DrinkPani Nepal

  Moderated by: Rewa Assi, Chair, IWRA Early Career and Young Professionals (ECYP) Task Force

  Presented by: Arturo Salazar, Webinar Officer, International Water Resources Association (IWRA)

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