IWRA Webinar N° 57

Public Banks and Public Water in Europe,
Tuesday, 22 November, 2022 I 15: 00 CET

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Public banks have played an important role in financing public water and sanitation services in Europe for over a century, but these activities have been largely ignored in the academic literature. The special Water International issue released on 11 August 2022 aimed to bridge this gap by providing information on eight countries and regions in Europe, covering a wide range of public banks working with public water operators.

This webinar presented the research methods, findings, and policy implications of the eight case studies of public banks financing public water operators in Europe, presented in the Special Issue.

Presentations and Speakers

  Moderated by: James Nickum, Editor-in-Chief, Water International

  Presented by: Lindsey Blodgétt, Webinar Officer, IWRA

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