IWRA Webinar N°54

The Launch of the IWRA LAC Chapter


With over 280 registered attendees, the launch of the Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC) Chapter marked the beginning of a new episode of IWRA´s work. This webinar aimed to provide an overview of the current regional water scenario as well as to introduce the LAC Chapter´s mission, objectives, key thematic areas, and Bureau members.

On one hand, Miguel Doria (PHI-UNESCO) presented the status of water governance and its challenges in the LAC Region; in his presentation, the relevance of science-based decision-making along with the key role of transboundary collaboration among LAC governments was highlighted.

On the other hand, Pilar Villar ( IWRA board member) underlined the relevance of creating the LAC Chapter, as well as its contributions to LAC´s main social, economic and environmental challenges. Moreover, her presentation introduced its various activities, its six working groups, and opportunities for engagement.

The launch of the LAC Chapter is an initiative of the LAC Chapter Bureau members (Guillermo Donoso, Pilar Villar, Rocio Vilana, Felix Riera, and Ariana Rossen), in collaboration with Dr. Doria (PHI-UNESCO).

Presentations and Speakers:

  Moderated by: Nevena Bakalar , IWRA Events Officer

Are you interested in joining or knowing more about the LAC Chapter? Please, visit LAC Chapter or send an email to office@iwra.org.

IWRA Webinars constitute an additional resource designed to help our members, academics, dedicated practitioners, and policy professionals further explore these and other timely themes engaging in fruitful discussions, also aligned with the international water agenda and in close collaboration with key partners.