Awards Committee

The IWRA Awards Committee shall develop criteria for all the awards of the Association: Crystal Drop Award, Chow Memorial Lecture, IWRA Distinguished Lecture, and Best Paper(s) Award. The Committee shall recommend to the President nominees for all the Awards of the Association. The President shall then transmit nominations with his comments to the Executive Board for the final decision.
More information about the various IWRA Awards.

James E. Nickum
is the Chair of the Awards Committee.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee shall develop guidelines on qualifications for membership of various categories, shall develop means to enhance membership, and shall stimulate and coordinate active participation by members of the Association. This may involve contacting existing and former members.

Gary Jones 
is the Chair of the Membership Committee.

Scientific, Technical & Publications Committee

The Scientific, Technical and Publications Committee shall advise and make proposals regarding scientific and technical activities and publications, keeping all the publications and the publications’ policy of the Association under review, including technical standards of Water International. It shall make recommendations to the President and Executive Board on the cost schedules of all publications, and for issuing any miscellaneous non-regular volumes.

Henning Bjornlund 
is the Chair of the Scientific, Technical and Publications Committee.