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Water International: Focus on Groundwater 

Articles published in Water International, IWRA’s only flagship journal, during the recent years are highlighted reflecting on important advances in interdisciplinary knowledge on groundwater, including new and recent insights on governance, management, practice and science-policy interfaces around the world.

Groundwater Puzzle Game: 

The IWRA Groundwater Task Force presents “Memory Mayhem: A Groundwater Puzzle Game.”  This is an “escape the room” style game that challenges your detective skills while entertaining and teaching about groundwater resources.  The game is part of the Task Force’s efforts to reach new audiences as it seeks to increase awareness about the importance of groundwater.

Groundwater Success Stories Webinar Series

While the news is filled with stories of groundwater depletion and the increasing stresses and demands on this invaluable resource, not all is doomsday. Rather, around the world there are myriad examples of progress and success in relation to groundwater resources. Success comes in many forms – ranging from small steps or gains that have the potential to lead to larger positive shifts within a groundwater governance or management regime, as well as more encompassing examples of larger systems that have enabled groundwater resources to be managed effectively. This approximately bi-monthly webinar series highlights differing forms of successes with examples from around the world.  (Stay tuned for more information) 

Intergenerational Conversations

The IWRA Groundwater Task Force is organising a series of conversations between senior groundwater professionals and early career groundwater scholars and professionals from around the world.  Each conversation will be interactive and address a different groundwater related topic. These virtual real-time conversations will be open to all and will begin Summer 2022. Stay tuned for more information. (Stay tuned for more information) 


The IWRA Groundwater Task Force is leading and co-organising a number of international events focused on groundwater.  These include:

The IWRA Groundwater Task Force hosted two World Water Day webinars focusing on “Future Gazing: Groundwater Action as Climate Action.” Both webinars discussed the same topic but included different panelists. The speakers explored challenges, tipping points and triggers for groundwater resource management, and how creativity and innovation offer possibilities and opportunities for the next generations of groundwater resource professionals.

UN Groundwater Summit (6- 8 December):

Sessions on Groundwater and the SDG Governance Accelerator 

(Stay tuned for more information)

World Water Week ( 23 August – 1 September):

Joint Session with UNDP-SIWI, UNDP, IWRA, UNESCO-IHP, IW: Learn, Republic of Slovenia:  Governing Groundwater: Accelerating Achievement of SDGs for People and Communities. 

(Stay tuned for more information)

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