Join IWRA Groundwater Task Force Bureau!

IWRA accepted members applications to join its

Groundwater Task Force Bureau

IWRA was pleased to announce the establishment of its new Task Force on Groundwater
The Task Force aims to mobilize the Association’s expertise on groundwater governance, policy, and science in order to support the dissemination of knowledge and sustainability of groundwater around the world. 
The Association was currently seeking IWRA members to join the leadership “Bureau” that will guide development of this Task Force. A call for broader participation and membership in the Groundwater Task Force will be issued in subsequent months, once the Bureau has been established.
Bureau members work together, with support of the IWRA Executive Office and its Board, to define the direction and objectives of the Task Force, including to develop a preliminary work plan. Proper recognition of Task Force Bureau members will be provided on Task Force outputs and the IWRA website.  
Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Groundwater Task Force Bureau can be found by clicking here.

Next Steps

We asked all applicants interested in joining the Groundwater Task Force Bureau to submit a short 2-page CV and a 1-page covering letter to explaining how their expertise would assist this task force bureau, as well as their availability and commitment to participate as a Bureau member.

This call for applications was only for the leadership board. A call for broader participation/ membership in the Groundwater Task Force will be issued at a later date. If you have any questions, please email the same address.

The deadline for applications was November 30th, 2020.

IWRA seeks to achieve broad geographic, disciplinary, and career-stage representation on the Bureau. As such, early- and mid-career applicants from developing countries, and applicants from a variety of disciplinary fields are especially encouraged to apply.

We looked forward to hearing from you!