IWRA General Assembly 2023

IWRA General Assembly 2023

IWRA members, partners, and non-members were invited to attend the 2023 General Assembly at the XVIII World Water Congress.  The General Assembly was held on September 15, 9 am (GMT+8) at the Congress Venue (Beijing Guoce International Convention and Exhibition). Participants learned more about the Association and heard from some of the senior board members and staff.  Additionally, participants learned about the new and exciting initiatives being planned, including regional water congresses, master classes, geographic chapters, podcasts and much more. 

Any questions submitted either during the General Assembly or received via email afterward will be answered online.

In preparation for the General Assembly, the following documents were suggested for review:

And, don’t forget to visit our four main websites:

A recording of the General Assembly will be made available online in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the General Assembly, IWRA membership or anything else, please contact us at office@iwra.org.