Elizabeth John


Elizabeth John joined IWRA on in December 2020 and has been serving as the Administrative Officer.
Her role with IWRA entails administrative support to the Executive Office which includes; management of the office mailbox, memberships management and other administrative work. Her key responsibility is managing the association’s bookkeeping which she liaises with IWRA’s accounting firm.
In addition to her above mentioned roles, Elizabeth is responsible for setting up Zoom meetings, coordinating with the association Executive Board and noting meeting minutes as well as supporting in organising the Annual General Assembly Meeting.
Elizabeth is based in Windhoek, Namibia, a country that is one the driest in Sub-Saharan Africa where part of the land is covered in desert.
Elizabeth holds an Advanced Diploma in Banking, Finance and Credit and a Bachelor degree honours in Business Management.
Her previous and current experiences in Project Management, Financial Management and Administrative Management, add value to IWRA’s administrative position.