In less than a year form now, 11-15 September 2023, the XVIII World Water Congress (WWC) will be held in Beijing, China, and we have the honor to invite you to join the international water community at one of the premier water events in the world.

The call for formal participation is being launched in September 2022, and there are several ways that you can participate in the WWC, such as through oral and poster presentations as well as Special Sessions and Side Events. All abstracts and event proposals are expected to relate to one of the six sub-themes, and abstract submissions are due 31 December 2022. More information about the WWC and each of the ways to participate can be found on the WWC website.

As with past World Water Congresses, we expect to receive abstracts and proposals from a wide range of international, national and local water organizations and institutions, youth water forums, and leading experts, professionals and students from both developed and developing countries. In this way, we hope to build a diverse, multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral Congress that will provide opportunities to present cutting-edge research and program applications, gain new knowledge, engage in productive discussions, meet high-level personalities, network, and much more.

The Congress programme will not only be shaped by regular and special sessions focusing on scientific, engineering, technical and policy aspects but also by the international water and development agendas. High-level panels, distinguished invitees and keynote speakers will contribute to enrich this programme as well as help bridge this Congress with other key global events, such as the UN Water Conference in March 2023.

This Congress provides a unique and valuable opportunity to learn more about China’s water-related projects. As a vast and diverse country with thousands of years of experience in water management, China has faced a myriad of challenges to address flooding, water scarcity and water distribution, and the Congress programme will include insights into historic and modern solutions. In addition to the formal programme, attendees may choose to take one of multiple technical field trips to learn more about Chinese water management projects, including trips to the Summer Palace, the Miyun Reservoir, the Three Gorges Dam and the South-to-North Water Diversion Project.

We encourage you to send your abstracts for oral and poster presentations and your proposals for Special Sessions and Side Event for the 2023 XVIII World Water Congress and to join us next year in Beijing for what will certainly be a content-rich and exciting event.

Water for All: Harmony between Humans and Nature

Water is for all, including humans and nature. As a precious natural resource, water plays a vital role in meeting human needs, preserving the environment and developing our countries. Thus, water management should consider, coordinate and balance the various needs, and fundamentally achieve harmony, which embodies a dynamic, coordinated, appropriate and equitable relationship, between humans and nature.

With the theme of "Water for All: Harmony between Humans and Nature", the XVIII World Water Congress aims to promote coordination and balance between the water needs of humans and nature. The Congress will facilitate knowledge and experience sharing, focusing on investigating the relationship between water, humans and nature, identifying and reconciling all water-related factors in a coordinated manner, and making and implementing water management strategies and polices using systematic approaches.

ꔷ Call for Abstracts 16 September - 31 December, 2022

The organisers of the XVIII World Water Congress welcome abstracts for oral and poster presentations at the XVIII World Water Congress, which will be presented during the main congress programme. Experts, academics, policymakers, water professionals, private and public sector practitioners, and civil society stakeholders, from all disciplines and perspectives, who wish to share their work and experiences during the Congress are invited to submit an abstract. Abstracts can only be submitted on-line through the official Congress website.

ꔷ Call for Special Sessions 16 September - 31 December, 2022

Special Session proposals are welcome from organisations or groups that wish to run a session or workshop that presents their work on subjects related to the sub-themes of this Congress. The format can vary from panel discussionsto workshops. Innovation is welcome. These sessions are part of the main programme and open to all Congress attendees. There is no charge to hold a special session, but all speakers should be registered, and any additional expenses beyond the provision of the room and standard audio-visual equipment will be managed by the sessionorganisers. Special session proposals can only be submitted online through the official Congress website.

ꔷ Call for Side Events 16 September - 31 December, 2022

The organisers of the XVIII World Water Congress welcome proposals for side events to take place in conjunction with the Congress. All relevant governmental, non-governmental, and inter-governmental organisations, as well as private sector organisations, who wish to organise a side event or provide support and services to the side events, please submit your proposal to

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